May 4, 2018

Mayor McKinley Price won re-election Tuesday night against Santiel Creekmore, Dominique Green and Councilman Marcellus Harris.

Complete, unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections had Price with 9,397 votes, or 54 percent, followed by Harris, 4,511 votes, or 26 percent; Green, 2,217 votes, or 13 percent; and Creekmore, 921 votes, or 5 percent.

“There were options out there for people to choose from,” Price said from his election party at the Boathouse Live in City Center. “I think the option (voters) chose is the path the city has been going on, and we will continue going on.”

He added that he appreciated the campaign staying civil this year, compared to a contentious election in 2010 facing current Councilwoman Pat Woodbury.

Price has said that a third term would be his last. He wants to stem youth and gang violence, which was his campaign platform in 2010, as well as promote economic development and spread city resources equally without raising taxes.

Throughout the campaign, Price said he was pro-teacher and pro-schools, but he did not advocate for more city-to-school funding for teacher raises as did Green and Creekmore. Choosing what to spend the city’s money on is up to the school system, Price argued, and the school system had used certain surpluses for other underfunded expenses. The school division requested $3.7 million more in funding for next fiscal year to help pay for 4 percent raises. After a bitter public debate over the funding — and pressure from the public — Price and other city and school officials came to a funding compromise two weeks ago.

Price also supports building a workforce development and recreational campus where Huntington Middle School is located, which could include a newly built school — another hot campaign issue. He said he supports a new building, but not the idea of spending $36 million on a building that will only hold about 500 kids.

Price was the biggest fundraiser in this election with at least $54,954 brought in since last year. He received several big-money donations from local public figures, law firms and companies who sometimes do business with City Council. He said donations like that have never influenced his votes and pointed to at least 113 smaller donations he received, symbolizing broader support.



  • McKinley Price: 9,397 votes (54%)
  • Marcellus Harris: 4,511 votes (26%)
  • Dominique Green: 2,217 votes (13 %)
  • Santiel Creekmore: 921 votes (5%)