Terion Rogers Letter

We would like to congratulate Terion Rogers for being selected as a recipient of the 2019 Youth Leadership Award! Keep up the great work!


Jaden holloman 5th grade Maggie Walker

History Lesson
5th grader, Jaden Holloman educated the his peers at the Saturday mentoring session. He spent 20 minutes writing impromptu summary of what he learned in his history class at school. He educated everyone on the life of Maggie Walker. Walker was the first female bank President of any race to charter a bank in the United States. He prepared the group for their trip next week to visit the Maggie Walker National Historic Site.

Chef in the making

Phoebus High Junior, Alfredo Garcia, is captilaizing on every opportunity that comes his way. He is currently carrying a 3.8 GPA along with being very active in pursuing his goal of being a chef. He’s participated in several cooking competitions this year and has received over $35,000 in scholarship offers from culinary arts schools. He’s already interning with local chefs to improve his craft. Keep up the great work Alfredo!

Panther Pride Award – Shane Otey

Virginia Peninsula Chapter mentee, Shane Otey, has been very busy in his community, church and on the basketball court. Lately Shane has been volunteering to collect food at his local Food Bank in which the food is used to help support families in his community. Shane also has been practicing to perfect his public speaking skills at his church by reading on 4th Sundays. He also received a “Panther Pride” award for displaying outstanding character and good behavior. Lastly, Shane is a small forward on the Phenix Panthers and so far they have won all of their games this season.

Keep up the great work Shane!

Giving back

On Monday November 6th, Virginia Peninsula Chapter Mentee Angela Edwards participated in the Sparatley Gifted Centers 6th Annual Walk-A-Thon. The Walk-A-Thon was sponsored by the National Junior Honor Society. Angelas goal was to walk as many laps as possible in hopes that local sponsors would donate for each lap. Angela completed 30 laps for the cause. Congratulations to Angela for her contributions to her community!

Freshman on the move!!

High school freshman Morgan Moore was nominated by her teacher for her outstanding academics and behavior. She was rewarded with a certificate and other tokens for her achievements!

Senior student/athlete & Mentee Daequan Fleming shows off his some of his
highlights on Maxprep!

More details

The mentees of the Virginia Peninsula Chapter of the 100 had the opportunity to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginian Historical Society in Richmond Virginia. After the trip, the mentees were tasked with writing a brief report of there experience and what interested them the most about the museums. Michaela Friend and Talia Blunt took the initiative and wrote and presented the report at our last mentoring session. Please take to opportunity to read their report and view some of the sites the viewed on their trip.