November 6, 2017

On November 4th, chapter member Richard Coleman delivered an awesome session on Conflict Resolution to over 40 mentees. Below is a brief synopsis of the purpose of what was discusssed.

Conflict Resolution: A Matter of Life or Death or Freedom!

The purpose of our session on Conflict Resolution was to help our mentees understand the harsh realities of conflict when it gets out of control. Although conflict is natural and part of our everyday life, when it gets out of control, it can damage relationships, break up families and land someone in jail. Mentees were given some tools on how to handle conflict in school, at home and in the community in a productive way such as, learning how to de-escalate a conflict and being aware and respectful of differences of opinion. Finally, we discussed the impact of conflict and the current penal system. Because of poor choices, African Americans represent 13% of the USA population but 37% of the prison population. The system may not be completely fair but in many cases, we have a choice on how we handle conflict.

Richard Coleman
100 Black Men of the Virginia Peninsula.