January 25, 2023

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — The Virginia Chapter of 100 Black Men Inc. is coming together to promote health and wellness through community service.

Community members are able to weigh in on information sessions and ask questions about their health.

There are also physicians and doctors on site for consultations.

The fair offers testing like glucose, COVID-19, blood pressure and A1c.

Alonzo R. Bell, the president of the organization, says he doesn’t want people to wait until it’s too late.

“A, they think it’ll go away, or B, they don’t know where to turn and we want to let them know that there are resources available to them and bring those to the table to take advantage of things while they are small before they get out of hand and lead to catastrophe,” said Bell.

The group offers a free vaccine clinic on the first and third Friday of every month.

To learn information about the 100 Black Men organization and what they are doing for the Hampton Roads community, click here.